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Jul 9, 2014

Solved : cpu_id.exe file not found windows 8

                                      The error cpu_id.exe file not found or file access error  persist when we try to patch the file name called cpu_id.exe and basically this is for patching the pro-e wildfire 5.0 version on  windows  8... This is common for all those using pro-e 5.0 version and trying to crack or patch the exe files and this error cannot be solved until we use the simple logic of changing the compatibility mode of the patch or crack to run on other versions...


Jun 14, 2014

How to leech premium link using cbox ?

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cbox premium leeching service

                   Cbox Leeching which allows to download the files instantly , at the best of  Internet speed , These sites generally uses the premium account from the file host and helps the other people to download at premium speed and also some sites offer Vip access and free members will get shortened link , And in these only few provides a best leeching service.

May 14, 2014

How to secure wifi from bandwidth stealing

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secure wifi

              Wi-Fi is one of the most widely used technology in today's generation computers , even some country started to give it free for their citizens , but they are not going to worry about data stealing , but if your own a wifi then it's your responsibility to make it secure , so follow the basic guide to protect wifi from hackers and bandwidth stealing...


May 1, 2014

How to get a edu email account

.edu mail for free

                  Students email .edu have more advantages than free email accounts.Students account cannot be own by every one , unless their college/school provides a mail access. But here is great offer or a trick to get a free .edu email account from the california colleges. Even if your are not student you have a chance to get one for free from the official college website.

Note: Don't miss use this mail service by creating dummies or spamming the web portal. This is for educational purpose only.

Apr 6, 2014

Fix : Hmm... it seems bluestacks installation error

                   Bluestacks is a android emulator which enable you to install and use your favorite apps in PC. If you dosent know about bluestacks then read more from here.

                   I was one of the android lover and used bluestacks about 6 months in pc with windows 7 and later changed to windows 8, and last week downloaded a offline installer... when i tried to install , it popped out an error message called

“Hmm… it seems Bluestack App Player couldn’t be install on this computer. We’d love to fix the problem – can you help us? Search your Computer for the file:
and email it to us at Thanks!”

How to install intel old version display drives in win 8

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intel i7

       Generally Windows 8 has a inbuilt video drivers , lets say intel latest version drives. If you try to update , it prompts drivers are up-to-date..And one of the disadvantages with latest version are some of the apps and game throw an error message related to graphics drive.

If we face any thing similar to that , our first step will be updating to the latest version...! But what with windows 8 , it already installed with latest version even though the problem could not be solved.

Mar 16, 2014

Google Ad serving disabled- How to re-enable it

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Adsense aderving disabled

Adsense one of most popular ad service by google in the internet and through which many bloggers and websites making money for providing quality stuffs. But why they need to disable my ad-serving ? If once they disabled could it be possible to get it back...?

In simple the answer is yes...! they can disable or even suspend your adsense account if one "violating the polices & T&C of Google "


Feb 24, 2014

How to get a backlinks for free


   Backlink the secret to success with seo.  plagiarism the way  ,by which our articles are spread over the internet. Plagiarism is a act of copying some thing , and this thing is increasing day by day with the internet user. When a new blog is started and the author is in thought of earning money then he will simply need to post repeatedly and by this way he/she copies  from some one's blog and posts on their blog. Prevening plagiarism is not easy , but we can do some things to reduce the way of copying.


Feb 9, 2014

How to use Google as a proxy server

using google as a proxy server

         Proxy servers are those which enable to access webpages by connecting through other country or with in same country server. It help to access the sites safely and also keeps us away from hackers to find our real identity. So here it comes a trick to use google services as a proxy servers.

Jan 9, 2014

How to index blogger with Google Quickly

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how to get indexed by google

                    SEO : The term indexing is referred to lists of contents in the site. Every one know that their will be a Index for every book so that users can get into the particular page without searching over and over. Like wise if you are planned to make your site popular with Google , SEO [Search Engine Optimization] is the best solution for that.

Dec 24, 2013

Bitcoin Calculator

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            Bitcoin is one of the most accepted currency in the internet . So if you are started working with some bitcoin sites and needs to know the current value of BTC this will help.

          Being a crypto Currency bitcoin values differs each second. So identifying the values is some what difficult..

What is Bitcoin and how to use it

BTC Calculator :


Dec 21, 2013

How to check and Verify Untouched ISO

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     This is one of the most important thing that every one should follow , but still now only 1-5% internet users are taking care of their downloads.

What am saying is every one likes to get the OS or popular products for free and too some times for compressed one's. After searching over miles they will get into the soft and starts to install it after downloading but they never thinks about Modified/pirated softwares.

Make IDM full version | No soft

Dec 19, 2013

Getting Started with Bitcoin

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what is bitcoin 

       Bitcoin is a innovation payment network and it uses a peer-to-peer technology to operate with banks or central authorities in the internet.

           Bitcoin is a open source & it is designed for public so nobody owns or able to control it by taking advantage in it.

Dec 11, 2013

Block unwanted sites using a host file

block a site using a host file

       Block any site on the internet with a host file in your pc. which blocks the sites and make not accessing it

                    In my previous post i have showed you some basic about addons. And today's topic is totally different.

                    Before Going into mail action we need to know some basic about the file called "Host files"


Dec 10, 2013

How to use Addons on firefox and chrome ?

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This is very simple and basic which can be done by every one who sort of browsing daily.But no one knows every thing at the beginning so , this will help the newbies to make use of the add-ons in firefox and chrome.

In  this tutorial let me show the use of add-ons , how to add them , how to delete them.


Dec 8, 2013

Skip annoying ads adfly,adfoc


  If you are a user of internet and searching over blog & site for ebooks, download stuffs you can find the ads in between the destination place. Some time it will be annoying because of pop ups and unwanted flash contents eating all your data.

Normally bloggers use shorten service to earn from the visitors, though we should not blame them because no one provide every thing for nothing, i mean to free by spending their time. By the we can skip those ads & move to our destination with a sec by using a simple javascript in browsers.


Dec 6, 2013

Backup and Restore Blogger Content

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Once again it is a basic & simple thing to do by every one, but its hiding for every users. Blogger offers your to save, delete & import your blogger posts/blog

Simply check out the below steps

  • Navigate into blogger dashboard
  • Setting >> Others


Dec 3, 2013

Check CC is Alive or dead

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 Here is a simple and easy way to know that your cvv is alive or it has been expired, Well it could be checked in many way in many sites but you cant say it will be safe and secure. so here is a quite simple method to verify it.

Things need for this tutorial 

  • Yahoo Account
  • CC

Nov 22, 2013

How to Backup & change Blogger Template

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       Let me explain the simple concept of changing the blogger template without losing your old template data. of course this is for nods with blogging.

Follow Me.

  • Log in to your blogger dashboard
  • Click on "Template"
Backup and change blogger template

  • Click on "Backup/Restore' at top left corner
Backup and change blogger template
  • Here the process begins "Download Template" option will help to backup the old template by downloading and saving it
  • And Now click on "Browse" select the template which you liked to apply to blog
  • Click "Upload"
  • That's all you have successfully changed the old template, click on "view blog" on top left corner to check the changes in your blog

Happy Blogging..


Oct 26, 2013

Bypass cleanfile and sharecash surveys

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        Surveys are simple but effective way of advertising, and this surveys are playing a vital in pay per download sites..  First of all you need to know some thing about these sites and many scammers in youtube & some blogs.

Files behind surveys can be downloaded only in two ways.

#1. By completing offers
#2. By accessing the Premium membership [Have to pay for site]

Other than this nothing else can be done. dont know about some special hackers that they can hack into to the websites. but till now no there is no working downloader in the net.