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Oct 5, 2014

You currently have a host-only account blogger

         Google Adsense , well you all know that it is one of the largest monetizing network which makes allows their user to earn by monetizing you content, And now   Google Adsense have recently changed their policy with host partners account such has youtube , blogger and hubpages.

Earlier Google allows their users to apply for adsense account with any one of their hosted account [youtube, blogger] part of google and once that account been approved that can be used with non hosted accounts [] , but later they have made a change with non hosted accounts , if ads needs to be showed in non-hosted account , the user must fill a form and submit it , with in 24-72 hours the web site been review and approved/rejected upon their policies..


Apr 27, 2014

How to add custom search engine with Adsense

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       Custom search Engine enables the user to search your site easy. Just like enabling google to show only the particular site results for users query. Lets make it more interesting by integrating adsense into the search engine, so which adds some revenue into adsense account.

part 1 : Creating a search engine

part 2 : Integrating adsense ads

Part 3 : Adding to Blogger Blog

Feb 16, 2014

How to get anything for free with google...

Get anything for free using google

      Google Search - One of the most power full search engine in the world , with the help of google we can get all most all files for free 99% .Its not about just entering the file name or some thing else like "antivirus 2.2 ," and here we are going to use some little trick to get into the database of the files. Not exactly the database but similar to the one where you get the file direct download.

Feb 9, 2014

How to use Google as a proxy server

using google as a proxy server

         Proxy servers are those which enable to access webpages by connecting through other country or with in same country server. It help to access the sites safely and also keeps us away from hackers to find our real identity. So here it comes a trick to use google services as a proxy servers.

Jan 25, 2014

How does google's algorithm work - SEO 2014

How google animal works

           Google animals to take care the things regarding SEO , with the help of this, google takes cares about good bloggers and also make a bad blogger to cry for their activity. Let us discuss.. how are these animals being used and how make a blogger popular and also how it will affect a bad blogging with SEO.