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Apr 5, 2014

Free recharge for playing, calling and sending sms

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free calling

            Fcall is an exciting site that provides free calls of 4 minutes to anywhere in India. It provides 20 minutes daily.
And It also provides you free 460 character SMS to any where in India...

Aug 17, 2013

Earn free recharge for viewing picture-Amulyam

Hey guys hope you all know about amulyam and its free recharge service.
if you are new to amulyam now its time to know about it..

What is Amulyam 


May 30, 2013

Get Free reacharge and cash from pickzup(read mail & Earn)

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Hi guys, I am always trying to provide you the best tricks of the free reacharge, and here is the  trick.

You have already read about the tricks of free recharges on my blog on ultoo, here is one more trick to get free recharge.
It is more better than ultoo cause its pays well !what are waiting for ,earn as much as possible!
Just follow the steps below: >
1)Click the link given below to sign up on PICKZUP.

May 26, 2013

Guess & Earn Free Recharge [LaaptU]

Again am sharing a similar web site like u can earn by simple playing playing.!!

Here U can play & earn...
Games include:
  • Guessing Game
  • Quiz
  • Fact/Fart
Steps to be fillowed::

#1. Click & Register Here :
#2. Log in to ur acc & start playing its upon ur choice
#3. play Guess,Quiz & fact/fart to u ll be credited...
#4. In guessing game U can earn upto rs 10 fr submitting unique & lowest num..

Below R image to show referral earnig system::

 You can earn money by the following actions:

Joining bonusRs 2
Daily login10 paisa daily
Guessing game2 paisa per Guess
Fact or FartUpto 50 Paisa daily
Inviting friendsUpto Rs. 2 per friend who joins

Ypox [Play Quiz ,send Sms.& Earn!]

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Update: Site quit from business

Ypox is free recharge service site where u can earn by playing games and sending sms..

Its one of popular site tat gives free mob recharge..

 Lets start.
What is Ypox & hw U can earn:

  • Well, there are various methods through which you can increase your earnings, like
  • Refer a friend (you get earnings for each friend that joins through your referral)
  • Quiz - participate in the quiz and increase your earnings
  • send Free SMS - not only is sending SMS to your friends free, it also adds to your earnings. 
Steps to follow:

#1. Click here and register
#2. Log into ur acc & start paying Quiz
#3. Send sms & earn 

Ypox tricks coming soon.!!
stay tuned..!


Earn Free Mobile Recharge For Sending Sms.! [Ul2]

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       Recharge ur mobile without spending single penny frm ur pocket...
Just by playing games & sending sms to ur friends & family.!!