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Feb 9, 2014

How to use Google as a proxy server


using google as a proxy server

         Proxy servers are those which enable to access webpages by connecting through other country or with in same country server. It help to access the sites safely and also keeps us away from hackers to find our real identity. So here it comes a trick to use google services as a proxy servers.

          Here we are going to use google's translation service. Do you know how it works ?

IP address and language on that country matters here. Google's translation service works by connecting to specified language server which might be abroad and the trick works for using it as a proxy server.

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How to use Google's translate service

          Follow the simple steps , by which you can change your ip address as well as language on that page and it is called a google's proxy trick :)

  • Go to
  • Now paste the website address in the left side box and click detect language
  • And now in right side box choose the language, which you are going to use [language matters in getting specific ip address]

using google as a proxy server with translator service

  • In my case am going to use "German" as a language and here German goes to USA proxy servers once you clicked on translate button
using google as a proxy server

       Using bookmark  

                  Here you can also use the book markby changing the websites address from the below given link
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