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Jun 14, 2014

How to leech premium link using cbox ?

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cbox premium leeching service

                   Cbox Leeching which allows to download the files instantly , at the best of  Internet speed , These sites generally uses the premium account from the file host and helps the other people to download at premium speed and also some sites offer Vip access and free members will get shortened link , And in these only few provides a best leeching service.

How to use cbox to leech

                In this am going to use the service called , one of the many host supported leeching service.

1. Go to 
2. Enter your name and click login , see below image

cbox premium leeching service

3. If the user name is not already registered it will as to enter and confirm the password and hit save

cbox premium leeching service

4. So we have successfully registered , and the next part is to start leeching our files and before that we need to check two things., 

  • What is maximum file size allowed ?
  • What are the hosts supported ?
Look around the website for the information , because some time wrong host results in ban, 

5. Now enter the link in your message box and hit Go...

Here some cbox allows the direct linking , and some needs the link in bbc format, [the links can be converted into bbc format in the website itself]

cbox premium leeching service

6. Now Enter the links and hit go , with in few seconds the robot gives a premium link to download, 

cbox premium leeching service

 Fore free members the links are masked with short link [annoying ads] so learn here how to skip those ads..

Happy Leeching :)

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