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Jan 5, 2014

Earn Unlimited Bitcoins for free [Dec Updated]


bitcoins for free

                  Hello, is it nice to hear that we can earn some free bitcoins from the popular sites. Do you think it is possible to get it for free. Answer is 50% yes and 50% No. Offcourse no one give anything for free and for no reason. So what going to be profit for the web site owner. Obsolutely the revenue from the Ads. So you are going to visit their webpage and the publisher get paid , from that you will be paid


        Bitcoin is one of the valuable currency in todays market.

        Dont have a wallet , Create one on Coinbase or blockchain

Earn by solving captcha

             These sites allow you to earn by solving captcha every 60 mins. 

              You can earn the amount that appears on the main page. There is always a small amount of bitcoins available (a booby prize), but randomly during the day we give away significantly larger prizes.

              Payment made Once the user reach 0.0001BTC [No proxies or VPN allowed]

daily bitcoins

             This is one of the best website which provides BTC for Rolling the Number by solving captchae . Here you can increase your earning by playing the Multiply section.

             If you have luck you will more in a single roll even 0.2Btc 
             Payments made every Monday and autoqueued on sunday 

           Quinpro is a website which gifts the users with a amount of bitcoins daily for free. One of the great website around

            It is one of the trading flatform where users can buy & sell currency , they also providing free bitcoins to users every hour. The faucet is cool enough where users can reach the minimum payout of 10,000 satoshis by solving captcha every hour to prove you are not a robot 

           10,000 satoshis = 0.0001Btc .

Iguana Bitcoin

  Earn 200 to 2000 satoshis every one hour , Great way to earn some free bitcoins

Bitcoin Calculator
DailyfreeBitcoin :

         The faucet similar to MMOclub , where users can earn 100 to 500 satoshis every 4 hour by solving captcha.

        Payments made once users reach 0.0001BTc [10,000 satoshis]


         500 Satoshis (0.00000500 BTC) from your withdrawal amount to pay the miners fee,...

Earn for Visiting Sites

          Bitvisitor is one of the best site to earn bitcoins just by veiwing each websites for 5 minutes. The amount of bitcoin depends upon the country and Ad deplayed. 

          It ranges from 0.1uBtc to 10ubtc per page.

          Payout made once user reach 60ubtc , strictly no vpn and proxies are allowed to browse the site

           Similar site like bitvisitor which pays for visiting websites for 3 minutes.
you can earn upto 35 μBTC/24 hours ..


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