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Jul 20, 2014

Get Virtual USA numbers to receive sms online


                                Virtual numbers always play a vital role in internet to protect the privacy and also some users use it to bypass some system verification like social networks and online stores., So here some of the sites which provide the users with a free virtual USA numbers , absolutely it is free to receive sms and also free to call the same users... The below websites provides free Viop and text messages..

Sites provide free USA Numbers for sms and calling

                  textnow is my all time favorite website which made me to earn some thing also to it helps me to protect my privacy.This allow the user to sign using facebook or a google accounts, once we signed we can enjoy the free texting upon the textnow user or also it receives voice call and sms.

Get free USA and CA number

                     It allow you to choose the number based on the area code. and also remember the number will be deleted and recycled if not used more than 7 days...You can also download the app for your fav device from the website..

  Service : Web & apps

                twilio is not free like textnow but they provide free credits to try and those credits can be used multiple times for multiple sites. [If you want create multi accounts ] To access the trial we need to verify our identity using mobile number [Tragedy is i will use textnow to verify my twilio account]....

  Service : Web Only

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                textplus is similar to the textnow and also here the numbers are free to receive sms and voice calls over the internet.Calls and text are free over 50 million text plus users and this even works for ebay phone verification...

  Service : App only [Android / itunes.]

               K7 is totally free to receive voice messages, you will receive the voice messages directly to your gmail inbox or k7 account inbox.

               pinger is same has text now it allow the user to get a virtual number to receive and send unlimited text messages..

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  1. This site offer 17 Online numbers for free

    USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Belgium.

  2. offers more than 50 numbers, USA, UK, EU...