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Oct 10, 2013

Think Before Applying to Adsense

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             Hello every one today am going to post some thing that related with adsense sign up,  "Things should be followed before applying for adsense" & "Things should be avoided while using adsense"

Hope you all know about adsense and its a one of the popular and best ad network with high CPC [cost per click] rates.

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Do It Before Applying for Adsense 

  • Fully Constructed Blog/website
  • Custom Domain
  • Unique traffic
  • Unique Content
  • AdSense Terms and Conditions 

    Fully Constructed Blog/Website

                      It means  that if your are started your blog and its under maintanace mode and it needs to be designed with widgets and navigation links then never apply to them.
    Write about Us page,  it helps users to get in touch with author and also help them to know some thing about the blog roll and authors work

    Contact Us Page :: It is most important to all sites/blog so that your blog ll look like user interface, without having any response from the admin then the place is hell and shit. It never helps other to get interact with author , So its most important to place contact us page


               Traffic what is it?  Visitors all over from the world who needs your stuffs..
    Traffic is one of the best ever green and positive solution to get you approve in adsense.When ever user searches for some content , say best is google in which if your site listed in that  then your blog get popular on search engine and also on visitors. 

    Simple tip to get more traffic.. Use social media to attract people use plugins ,gadgets to get more fans and real traffic 

    Unique Content 

              Content these are the kings in your blog. Always try to write a fresh and unique one that is never copy paste from other blogs. Search for the ideas and suggestions on some sites and write in your own way

    AdSense Terms and Conditions 

                 Before stepping into some things its very important to read out there terms and conditions which applies for us. Read it here Google Adsense Terms and Conditions


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