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Oct 26, 2013

$$$$$ Earn With Sicial Exchange Site $$$$$

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Hello every One i have already posted some site related to the this topic. And today is some thing special ..

What is that ?

Its a social exchange site which pays for the members for following,
  • liking
  • sharing
  • dis-liking
  • promoting
  • following
  • visiting
  • Writing
Pretty it seems interesting..

Let Me explain how this system works..

Basically we can say this has a cyclic process for those who need fans.. And those who need money it is a simple process that seems to be like this .......

Its a 3 step Process..

 So we seen how the system works now lets see how to earn more points..

Earn More Points = $$$ cash

There are 4 different ways to earn points.
#1 Earn Points by Buying Them

#2 Earn Points by Following, Liking, etc.

#3 Earn Points by Referrals

#4 Earn Points by Daily Bonus

Making Money:

  • Get Paid $0.003 per Facebook like, Twitter follow, Traffic hit...etc!
  • Get $0.15 + 50% of your referrals earnings with unlimited refers.
  • Low $0.1 minimum payout. (PayPal and OKPay supported)
  • NO need to deposit to Start Earning!


Feature OF the Site

  • Facebook like page/photo
  • Facebook shares
  • Youtube likes
  • Youtube comments
  • Youtube dis-like
  • Twitter Followers
  • Twitter shares
  • G+ 
  • Instagram Followers
  • Treaffic Exchange
  • Daily Bonus
  • Daily Contest
  • Do Offers

Then why are you waiting. Grab the nice offer when it alive.
This is one of the fasted way to get paid & get fans & followers . Some thing is better than nothing

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