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Nov 29, 2014

Mindsumo Earn $$$ with your .EDU email

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                     Mindsumo provides a opportunity to prove yourself and earn some real cash by solving challenges and puzzles. Mindsumo is a brand new websites which offers the students to earn real time cash by participating and solving interesting real-world problems . For every challenge you can earn upto $50-150$ upon the solution and the hosting company. For this all you need is a .Edu email from your university or school...

How to start with Mindsumo

  •   Head over to Mindsumo |preparing college students
  •   Enter your university.edu email , password and PUZZLE in the promotional code [it give you 5$ as a bonus and 30$ bonus upon signup so total = 35$]
  • Now go to your profile and link your linkedin profile , if you don't have one then fill all your personal detail and complete it [It gives you another 5$]

Mindsumo Challenge

            Head over to the challenge tab and their you will find 5 to 6 currently active challenge that is about feature generation improvements . Its simple , open up the challenge upon your interest so that you will get a change to win that challenge ,.. Read the description of the challenge and search that things what will help to get some information and enter in the solution box and submit it..

  Upon on completing your first challenge you will be rewarded another 25$ , and if the company finds your solution can be implemented then you will notified by email that your solution been selected and you have won cash reward of $50-150$...

How winners are chosen ??
            When a challenge is completed, the company hosting the challenge takes some time (usually 2 weeks) to review all the solutions that have been submitted. They then select the designated number of winners to receive prizes based on creativity, relevance, and feasibility. The winners are then notified via email, and can redeem their prize money through the MindSumo payment system.


Puzzles are another great way to prove yourself , they simple mathematical puzzles , by sending some time you can able to solve it ..,  upon correct answers a random winner will be awarded with 10$ each time.

Other ways to earn .
  1. Refer friends 
  2. Become Ambassador
  3. Enter referral contest 
Payment : 

 The payment method is through paypal once the students reach 100$ and after first cash out you can cashout from 20$ minimum..

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  1. I tried several method including mentiioned above and california college no longer provide .edu email they give .net only.I got my edu email here https://www.bit.ly/get-edu-e-mail