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Oct 25, 2013

Methods/Site to earn Online from Home


Hello In my last post i have posted about "Earning 5$-10$ by downloading",and today i have going to give some online work that pays you $$$

Here are method/types of online work we can do by sitting in front of pc.

  • PTC
  • GPT
  • PTP
  • PTR
  • PTS
  • PTSU
  • PTW
  • HYIP

 PTC ~ Paid To Click
Low [$ Cents] 

These sites allow you to earn by clicking on sites and wait for the timer to end before going on to next site. It is an effortless way of earning and only takes up a small amount of your time.

Clicking will never make you millinor so this is just a part to earn some thing in case of nothing

Trusted sites : 
  • Neobux
  • Clixsense
  • Nerdbux
  • Donkeymails Groups
  • Cashnhits

 GPT ~ Get Paid To
 High [$$$$$] 

These sites allow you to earn mainly by completing tasks, watching videos and doing offers. It has a wide variety of options to earn, and different GPT sites have varying areas ( Some has paid to search

Trusted Sites:

  • GPTPlanet
  • GPTbanks

 PTP ~ Paid To Promote
Low [$ cents] 

These sites allow you to earn by promoting their contents. It can be a promotion of links leading to advertisement, or banners showing advertisements. Most earnings are calculated based on CPM ( impressions ) based on Countries.

Trusted Sites::
  • paid-to-promot
  • cpx24

 PTR ~ Paid To Read
 Low [$ Cents] 

These sites allow you to earn by reading mails and clicking ads. It is very similar to PTC sites but with more focus on mails. Mails usually appear throughout the day so there is no limit to the earnings.

 PTS ~ Paid To Surf
Low [$ Cents] 

These sites allow you to earn by surfing sites, also called traffic exchange. There are basically two types of surf, manualsurf & autosurf. Manualsurf requires you to type in captchas and have cheat checks. Most paid autosurf are scams with few exceptions, which pay very little.

 PTSU ~ Paid To Sign Up
Medium [$$$] 

These sites allow you to earn by signing up as referrals for the advertiser. It is easy & quick, however it is rare to find one that really pays. A standalone PTSU is even rarer.

Trusted sites:
Mostly all Ptc sites have paid to signup offers to earn more

PTW ~ Paid To Post
Medium (CPm based)/High (Upfront payment) [$$$]
These sites allow yout o earn by writing contents and posting it on their sites. The contents vary from articles to pictures or other forms. These are two types of PTW. One pays you upon approved article, which is a one time payment. The other pays you based on the number of views to your contents, which could be cpm or cpc and make it long term earning, provided your content is still there.

Forums that pays
  • Redlr
  • Multiinfotech

 HYIP ~ High Yield Investment Programs
High [$$$$$$$$$$$$$]
These sites allow you to earn by investing a certain amount of money into it, then ask you to do a minimum requirement in order to earn. At the end of the cycle, you will receive a higher % of money than what is invested. 

This sites are high risk due to many scam sites

Some Trusted sites ::    
  • TopCapitalist

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